Are you interested in reducing the energy you use to heat your home and power your appliances and other electrical gadgets? Do you want to shave a little (or a lot) off your energy bills and need some help getting started? Or maybe you're interested in getting a home energy audit and need to find a skilled professional auditor?

Whether you're just getting started or have made a lot of energy improvements already and are ready for renewable energy, our tools can help your household reduce your energy consumption and environmental impact. And save money in the process!



Our Tools:

Our My Energy PlanTM program helps YOU in YOUR energy planning!  Set up an account today to streamline the use of these tools and to get regular updates on program releases:

Personal Energy Planner

Personal Energy PlannerTM


Energy NotebookTM

  Simple ideas to reduce your energy consumption and map out your own energy plan.   Keep all your energy information in one handy place and share your notebook with others.
Energy Project Connector

Energy Project ConnectorTM

Vert Rule Coming Soon!

Green Homes TouristTM

  Plug into local professionals to get your energy project done.   Your on-line tour guide of green homes near you.