Fuel Tool
Let's start by gathering some essential information about your home and how your household uses energy. Consult your fuel and electric bills for your annual consumption of electricity, home heating, and hot water fuels. Your results will be most accurate if you take a few minutes to identify how much fuel and electricity you've used in the past.

If you don't have your bills handy, use our fuel tool to estimate your fuel consumption. It will give you a reasonable approximation of your household, which you can update later when you have the actual bills.

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Linking your household to other households in your community:

If your school, church, business, or other organization is taking the My Energy Plan challenge, you can link your energy plan to other households in that organization by selecting the community name from the list below.

Electric Provider:

Several New England states enable utility customers to purchase electricity from renewable energy sources by selecting an option on their monthly electric bill. If you participate in such program, what percentage of your electricity usage comes from renewable sources?

Home Heating:

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Fuel Usage:

Please list the quantities of fuel you use in your home per year.

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