Want to Show Other Households Your Energy Efficient Home?

If you live in an energy efficient home, chances are you’ve shown your home to a few people: your friends and family, neighbors, perhaps your co-workers, or other folks you know through personal or professional contacts. Having visitors over to see the changes you’ve made is a great way to motivate others to make similar improvements to their homes. After all, nothing's more compelling than an enthusiastic and knowledgeable owner of an energy efficient home.

What if You Could Show Your Home Anytime Online?

Image Courtesy: DOE/NREL Credit - groSolar

We are pleased to introduce Green Homes Tourist, your online Tour Guide of sustainable energy homes in New Hampshire and Vermont. Homes in Green Homes Tourist can be searched by geographic location, a list of energy features (such as solar PV or geothermal) or energy ratings (such as LEED or ENERGY STAR certified). Residents can take a "Virtual Tour" of homes, learning more about the energy improvements made, costs, incentive programs utilized, seeing photographs and videos of key energy systems, and learning the best ways to implement their own energy projects.

By sharing your home through Green Homes Tourist, you’ll be guiding others through the information, products, ideas, choices, and best practices essential to making energy enhancements in a home. In doing so, you’ll make it easier for other households to follow in your footsteps and create their own energy efficient home.

How Can I Add My Home to Green Homes Tourist? How Long Does it Take?

Go to: http://myenergyplan.net/ght/ghtHome.jsp

to begin the process of adding your home to the GHT database. It generally takes about 30 minutes to complete the process and you can update your record at any time.

Image Courtesy: DOE/NREL Credit - Alan Ford

Can I Also Give "Real" Tours of My Home Though GHT?

Yes! Green Homes Tourist gives you the option of offering a "face-to-face" tour of your home, when it’s convenient for you, as often, or as infrequently as you’d like. The choice is YOURS. If you’ve enjoyed participating in NHSEA’s annual Green Buildings Open House Tour in October in the past, please consider this option.

What are the Requirements for Being Included in GHT?

Since the goal of Green Homes Tourist is to help households move beyond simple energy actions to achieve deep energy reductions, there are minimum requirements for being included in our database. To have your home listed in Green Homes Tourist, you must have implemented a renewable energy system(s) in your home OR are in the process of carrying out an energy reduction strategy (obtained through an energy audit or energy assessment) that includes deep energy reduction measures such as high efficiency insulation, air sealing, or a renewable energy system(s). If you've taken these actions in your home, please share your story through Green Homes Tourist. We want to showcase your home! Your changes, choices, observations, and lessons learned will certainly benefit other families. Please Note: Currently, only homes in New Hampshire and Vermont will be added to GHT. These states have provided resources to support My Energy Plan. While we would love to showcase homes in other states through Green Homes Tourist, financial support is needed to make that happen.


If You've Got Questions:

Green Homes Tourist is a collaborative effort between the New England Carbon Challenge and New Hampshire Sustainable Energy Association. If you have questions, please contact either Denise Blaha (denise.blaha@unh.edu) of the New England Carbon Challenge or Joanna Magoon (info@nhsea.org) of New Hampshire Sustainable Energy Association.

Help lead the way to a sustainable energy future! Be part of Green Homes Tourist!