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This tool can help you locate homes near you that use energy efficiently or have renewable energy systems in place. You can then take a virtual tour of homes that interest you through photographs the homeowner has provided. Many of these homes are also available for a face to face tour, where you can see the home with the homeowner and ask questions directly. If you're interested in a face-to-face tour, Green Homes Tourist can request a tour on your behalf.

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Low Cost Energy Retrofits High Efficiency Insulation
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Combined Heat and Power Biomass
Passive Solar Solar Thermal
Solar PV Geothermal
Wind Turbine Upgrades to the Home's Exterior (e.g., siding, roofing, windows)
Energy Efficient Landscaping

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BetterBuildings Retrofit PAREI and affiliates (SEAREI, SUNREI, etc.)

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Net Zero LEED Certified ENERGY STAR

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