Terms of Use and Instructions for Adding Your Company to the Energy Project Connector

In order for your company to be listed in our Energy Project Connector, a company representative must first enter their data into the Vendor and Contractor Input Form. Your company is responsible for inputting, maintaining, and updating your record.

To access the Vendor and Contractor Input Form, you must first be a registered user of My Energy Plan. Keep your login and password handy for future use.

Before you enter your company’s information, please note six things:

1. Check your Spelling: The data you enter will be visible to prospective customers. If you don’t enter your email or website address correctly prospective customers may not be able to contact you.

2. Help Us Help You: We need your periodic feedback as to how customer contacts generated through the Energy Project Connector led to sales and installations for your company. Regular feedback from you is a requirement for being included in the tool. We will be in touch with you periodically for that information. We appreciate your assistance.

3. As a condition of being listed in our database, please place one of these 2 logos on your website with the phrase: "A proud participant in:" and a link back to us (http://myenergyplan.net). This helps us reach more households and broadens your customer base, too. If you'd like to discuss an alternative approach for promoting My Energy Plan on your website, please contact us.

A proud participant in:


A proud participant in:


(Right-click on the image to save it to your computer).

4. Service Area: At this time, only companies whose service area includes New Hampshire will be listed in the Energy Project Connector. Your service area may include other states (we hope it does!) but to be listed in our tool one of those states must be New Hampshire.

5. Check your Website: Please make sure that the products and services you list in your record with us matches the description you have on your website. If you say you install solar thermal systems in our tool but your website doesn't indicate this, it will be confusing to prospective customers.

6. We reserve the right to modify or delete any record deemed inappropriate for the Energy Project Connector tool.

Here are the steps for adding a new record to the Energy Project Connector:

1. Click here to begin the process of inputting your company's information.

2. Login or register with the system. For new user registration, follow the link that says: “if you have not previously registered, you can do so here”. Please note that some fields are mandatory.

3. After you've registered, select the link "click here to continue" to access the Vendor and Contractor Input Form.

4. Select the "Add a new record” which will bring up the vendor form. Please note that most fields are mandatory.

5. After the record has been submitted, you can View, Edit, or Delete your record as long as the browser remains open. Once you have logged out and closed the browser, you will need to login again to access your record.